Embrace Wellness

A couple of months ago, a friend learned my condition and the need for immediate surgery. She then encouraged me to consult a renowned Naturopath and Lifestyle Physician, Dr. Samuel Dizon, before I even considering operation. Dr.Dizon is the head of the Institute for Natural Healing and is known for treating patients with heart disease and cancer; using natural medicines, liquid diet and enormous amount of natural supplements.

The thought and hope of getting healed made me more eager to see him. So I went on, along with a common friend of ours, who’s also seeking medical attention.

I came to him together with all the test results of my previous medical check-up. After reading the diagnosis, he then illustrated on a paper the physiological or the normal function of the ear and its parts. Furthermore, he explained the occurrence of infection and its complications. And he amazed me for he speaks with wisdom and knowledge. He believes in God’s ultimate power to heal but he insisted that people should do their part (God’s part and man’s part).

Eventually, he advised me to undergo a 2-week raw food and liquid diet along with mega doses of vitamins and supplements (above and beyond my daily requirement). He has given me a specific meal plan to follow strictly.

  • 12 glasses of water a day
  • 8 glasses of fruit/vegetable juice a day
  • Breakfast & Lunch – red/ brown rice, fish and vegetable only
  • Dinner – Oatmeal with Soy milk
  • No meat except fish, no dairy, no caffeine, no tea, no soda, no sugar, no seasoning, and many more NOs lol 🙂

 I was so unsure of myself then, if I could be consistent in this diet plan. However, I realized the “hard work” that Dr.Dizon has been telling his patients. So I made up my mind and decided to go on and try.

Two weeks came but I chose to continue for almost a month. Yes, I did it successfully. It’s quite fulfilling and of course I feel healthier inside.

Eventually, I had another CT Scan but the sad news was that, the infection still in there. Perhaps the time is insufficient to treat the infection and maybe it really needs a surgery to be removed. For as the cliche goes, prevention is better than cure.

Honestly, I have no regret at all in doing all those stuffs. The truth is I feel blessed for learning the healthier way of eating. And I would still choose to embrace this healthy lifestyle to gain lifelong wellness so God can use me long enough for His glory.

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.” (I Corinthians 6:19, NIV)

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A Time to Hate and a Time to Love

How’s your heart? Have you been also in a love-hate dialogue with your spouse? I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day but I love the “kilig” it brings to couple like us. It is actually one of the best ways to keep the romance alive in a marriage. Yesterday, I started the day with a high spirit. Early that morning, I spent time with God in prayer and meditation (quiet time). After that, I wrote a short love message for hubby together with my surprise gift for him. Then I went down in the kitchen and ready his breakfast. As he was about to eat, I kissed and greeted him and he did the same.

He was thanking me for the gift and was even telling me how my love letter touched his heart. Sadly, he was feeling sorry that he didn’t get any chance to buy something for me.  Honestly, as he was saying that, I feel a bit of hurt inside maybe I was expecting that he would do something special for me. This is not merely about gift; I’m fine without it. I was just hoping that he’s still the same man I knew who remembers and values love and marriage. Just to feel good and to actually move on, I said that it’s all right, but honestly I’m not really okay.

We were on our way to the office when I suddenly recalled that I left a shopping bag at home that has tokens for some co-workers. So I asked him if we could go back home to get those stuffs. He said no and suggested to buy a replacement instead. Again, I tried to keep up my composure but I was quite irritated already. So as we went on, I quietly listened to him, for he was telling a story that he  heard from a radio. He was asking like what am I going to do if I were in that situation and so on and so forth. But I appeared totally numb and cannot process the things he was saying. I’m not overreacting but that was what I really felt that moment.

So I was in silent mode until we reached the office. I don’t want to speak and hear anything from him either.

At my working station, I sat down and began my work. Phone calls here and there. And as I was on the phone, hubby surprisingly came to me with a three-piece tulips and a chocolate. I was shocked, but truly touched, totally speechless and cried like a little girl. Oh my, little did I know that he asked our officemate the day before to buy me flowers, for he wanted to really surprise me. Oh I  really felt so guilty at that very moment, guilty of disrespecting him. What kind of wife am I? I was absolutely rude!

And it didn’t stop there; he treated me on a lunch date. Eventually, I said sorry to him for my actions. And without blaming and doubt, he smiled at me. I told him how happy I was for making me feel important and seeing his effort in keeping the joy and love in our marriage.

Our marriage is like any other marriages, it is not perfect but God reminded me of this passage. – “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable; does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.1 Corinthians 13:4-7.  I asked God to forgive me for acting so immaturely and unkind. Now, I will try my very best to make our everyday, a love day.

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The Confession of a Working Mom

I got so emotional these days. I’m facing a battling situation between my need to work and my wish to stay at home and take care of our son. It pains that I cannot just decide on my own to stop from working because of the need to generate some income for us. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is a hardworking man and he is a good provider to our family. It is just that he needs some help from me to amortize the house we longed for years. It’s not actually a dream house but something that we can certainly call “our home”.

Honestly, even if I knew that my work has a good purpose for our family. I still feel the guilt and find each day so difficult, leaving my son to a yaya (nanny). My heart melts every time I wave goodbye to him and see him crying. I just couldn’t stop thinking of him the day while I’m at work. I constantly remember him, I wonder if he is well fed or if he had a good sleep or is he safe with yaya around and so on..

Without ceasing, I pray to God for enough provision to sustain our need for the house. I want my son to see me as someone who loves and cares for him; and teaches and guides him to the right path. By faith, I know that this won’t take too long to happen. In God’s perfect time, I will be able to stay at home and raise my son, as God wants him to be raised.

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His First Haircut

What was your experience on your baby’s first haircut? Have you had the hard time controlling his or her tantrums? These were just some of my worries, too, that really bothered me long before my son Jacob got his first haircut (troubled mom: D).

But thanks to my husband, my partner in everything :). He suggested that he would show Jacob what it is like going to in a Barbershop. Meaning, he would model first to our son how the haircut is done so that Jacob would not be frightened. As parents, we both want to assure Jacob that it is a normal thing to do and it is for his own good. We don’t want him to become traumatized like what we have seen in other children who see hair cutting as dangerous and frightening.

The next day, we took Jacob to a Barber Shop near us. We asked the hairdresser if he could do baby’s haircut. He said yes right away and positioned our baby on my husband’s lap (sitting) and put on the cape around my baby’s neck. Then he started trimming Jacob’s hair cautiously, properly and safely (from what I have observed). Though my husband’s plan has not been said nor done, we thought that it was okay because the man seemed like a Pro in baby and toddler.

Surprisingly, our Jacob did not even freak nor cry, thank God for that. He was just slowly moving his head around and was staring at the man. Perhaps he was wondering what has done to him. If he could only speak his mind, he would probably asked the barber man “hey man, what are you doing to my hair?” lol.

It was actually both fun and stressful to me. Gladly that I was able to take pictures of Jacob while having his haircut.. Yey! It’s done, but ooops wait, oh my dear hubby, he got all the mess on his face LoL.

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Little Prince’s 1st Birthday

Jacob Immanuel just turned one last December 24. I know that my post is too late already, but I still want to post it anyway LoL. Since his birthday is a day before Christmas, hubby wants to celebrate it at our home, with just family members and neighbors.

Actually, it was not my typical idea of Jacob’s first birthday party. I wanted it to be a Toy Story cowboy party-like. In fact, on his Dedication day (few months ago), we were blessed to give him a dedication feast with a hundred of guests. However, my husband was very firm to have it at home with all the neighborhood kids. He insisted that most families were busy shopping and partying that day so why bother them when we could celebrate it ourselves.

Long story short, I obeyed hubby. We’ve had my little prince’s birthday at our home.The night before his birthday until the day itself, I was so busy preparing the food and all the stuff. Gladly, my sister Carly and my mother-in –law came to the rescue, they were my cooks and helpmates on those days. They made this event easier for me :).


On the celebration day itself, children came, sang and celebrate with my little Prince Jacob. Though it was not the birthday party I wanted for my son, yet it was indeed one of the joyous celebrations I’ve ever had :D.

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Three Years of Love and Marriage

Today – December 20, my husband and I are celebrating our 3rd year Wedding Anniversary. He surprised me with a touching message he posted earlier today in Facebook. Telling the world that he love me and appreciated me, my ever presence in his life. I did not expect him to say such things because he’s not like that :), the thing he did is something really unusual. And that made me cry…..

Since we have to be home as early as seven tonight because my son is sick ( friends that is also why it’s a quick post). We decided to have a luncheon date instead. We simply chose some quiet and yet romantic place where we could talk, enjoy eating together and we actually did :D.

IMG_20121220_143108 (1)

we had our “lunch date’ here

Friends, three short years is no joke at all. I know many of you are married for a decade and more but I can say that we also already have had our own share of happiness, struggles, romance, arguments, victory, etc. Our marriage is not perfect but we chose to stay committed, as we have promised to God and to each other.

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Let’s Celebrate CHRISTmas!

I remember when I was a kid; my excitement begins when the BER-months come.  My siblings and I were enjoying counting down the days to Christmas because aside from the colorful lights which are wonderful to sight. There were gifts that we were about to receive on Christmas day itself.

However, things have changed, as I get older.  I do still have that excitement but no longer fascinated by gifts either, don’t get me wrong I’m still a child at heart, but my happiness now is not merely depend on gifts but on the Giver Himself – JESUS, the very essence of Christmas.

When we think of the Christ’s love for us, the first thing that comes to mind is the Cross. Christ died for us, to save us and give us eternal life.  It’s hard to understand why He did what He did, but it is truly far and beyond our understanding.

As it is written in John 3:16, ‘For GOD so loved the world, that HE gave HIS one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.’

God’s goodness and generosity are overflowing. He gave us everything to enjoy – nature, food, clothing, technology, etc. Why don’t we thank Him for His greatest gift to us – JESUS.

Jesus Christ is the reason we celebrate Christmas!